Baxendale Conversions Luthier Academy

Baxendale Conversions gets many requests to teach the art of practical instrument construction and repair. As such, Baxendale Conversions maintains a luthier academy that teaches students the art and business of guitar construction, repair and vintage restoration. Baxendale Conversions seeks students who intend on making a living at this profession, have a natural aptitude for this type of work, and who already know how to play the guitar at an intermediate or better level. 

We desire students who are focused and relate with others well. They should be dependable, observant, patient, and have the drive to see projects through completion.

This is not your typical school where one instructor will teach a generalized overview of the basics to several students. Baxendale Conversions students will have an instructor with over 40 years of experience to teach every detail of making a living at repairing, rebuilding and restoring guitars. 

Through the process of remanufacturing vintage guitars students will learn such critical guitar building and repair aspects as professional re-fretting, neck resets, guitar bracing, bridge, saddle and nut construction, expert guitar setup, crack repair, guitar binding, guitar electronics, guitar diagnostic and troubleshooting, all types of structural repairs, finish repairs and full refinishing.

Students will also learn much about vintage instruments such as when it is appropriate to refinish a collectible guitar, what can be done to improve a guitar’s value, and importantly what not to do.

One critical and practical aspect we teach students that is not usually covered in many luthier schools is how to estimate a job and how to communicate with the customer. 

By the end of the training students will be comfortable looking at a guitar and making a fair and correct estimate of the time and cost to perform required repairs, rebuilds or restoration.

The cost of this training is $12,000.00 for a 6 month course, with payments made on scheduled basis. Since this is an intensive course designed for someone who wants to make this their livelihood, Baxendale Conversions supplies students with a list of required basic tools and supplies that must be purchased before the course starts.

For more information on Baxendale Conversions’ Luthier Academy please contact us through the form below.