Unknown Builder

Circa 1910s-1920s Harp Guitar Conversion

Back & Sides:
Solid Birch
Solid Spruce
Lower Bout:
16 3/8"
Scale Length:
Nut Width:
Circa 1910s-1920s double neck harp guitar converted into a 12 string guitar. Builder most likely Harwood or Lyon & Healy (e.g. Lyon & Healy 1912 Lakeside branded Style G2740 or 1917 American Conservatory braded Style G2210 harp guitars). Converted by Dan Lambert. Original two necks were removed and replaced with one 12 string neck. 12 string neck created by adding a top piece to a 6 string slothead neck. Indian Rosewood headstock veneer added. NOS tuners added. Ebony backstrip added. Top has unique reverse taper. Hozapfel style bridge added. New Ebony fretboard with slight radius added as well as new frets and two carbon reinforcement rods in the neck for stability. Repairs/enhancements to the original ladder bracing, retaining original wood whenever possible. Multiple cracks repaired. New faux grain replacement bindings. 4 1/2" deep at end pin.