Oscar Schmidt

1920s "Miami" Jumbo

Back & Sides:
Lower Bout:
15 1/2"
Scale Length:
26 1/2"
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Rarest of the rare! Jumbo (Auditorium) sized Oscar Schmidts are generally hard to come by but this one is about as rare as you can get! One of two "Miami" labeled jumbo Schmidts known to exist. The other is pictured in Neil Harpe's seminal Stella Guitars book. Beautiful blue "Miami" brand paper label still in tact. There is much mystery surrounding the Miami labled Oscar Schmidts. Although both Miami jumbos known to exist were either built in Oscar Schmidt's NJ factory and/or in NYC, both were owned by individuals in Australia. Like other Oscar Schmidt long-scaled guitars, the 26.5"scale length provides a robustness and unique tone that is unmatched. Tuned down a full step or more, the guitar shines. The Mahogany back and sides of this guitar were refinished some time in the 1960s. Recent work includes crack repairs, a neck reset with a carbon reinforcement rod inserted, straightening of the fretboard with new underneath veneer added, bridge replacement, new saddle and nut, and top refinish work around where the bridge was replaced. Tuners appear original. It is now in excellent stuctural condition, plays wonderfully, and needs no additional work. This guitar is a true treasure and a rare find for the Oscar Schmidt collector! Comes with non-original vintage case.