1939 Armstrong Deluxe Archtop

Back & Sides:
Solid Mahogany 
Solid Spruce
Lower Bout:

Scale Length:
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
The Armstron DeLuxe H1499 is a near-top-of-the-line pre-WWII Harmony arch top offering aimed at the semi-pro or serious amateur musician.  The big arch top was constructed with quality materials and ornamented with snappy appointments like multi-colored marquetry and block inlays.  It's likely that not too many of the model were made, since they rarely appear on the vintage market.

The top is solid spruce sporting a beautiful tobacco sunburst and trimmed with multi-colored marquetry and white celluloid binding ... a very attractive guitar. The body is solid mahogany, of a variety typically seen in late 20s/30s Harmony products, and bound on the back with white celluloid.   The neck is mahogany, bound in white celluloid, topped with a Brazilian fingerboard with large white pearloid position markers and features a non-adjustable truss rod. .  The headstock is capped with black celluloid and engraved Armstrong DeLuxe and some deco-like designs. The bridge (replacement) is Brazilian rosewood with adjustment wheels.  The pick guard is a flamey celluloid three-piece laminate and appears to be original to the guitar.    The tuners are replacement enclosed Grover DeLuxe.  The tailpiece is a replacement.

The body measures 16 1/4" across at the lower bout.  Scale length is 25".  The neck is carved in a 'C' shape but not to 'baseball bat' proportions, and features a non-adjustable truss rod.    The fingerboard measures 1 3/4" across at the nut and string spacing is 2 1/4" across at the saddle.  

The guitar is crack free, and there are no evident prior repairs.  We sourced a tail piece and bridge, and there is no end pin.  The frets are original and were leveled and dressed.  The action is set at 5 & 6/64".  There are some minor nicks and scratches from use and time.

The guitar plays really well thanks to low action and a straight neck.  It produces the tone one expects of a mahogany/spruce arch top with focused mids, nasal highs and mellow bass.  It's a great guitar for comping chords or playing old-time Carter-style country.  As an added bonus, it comes with what is very likely it original hard case in very good condition!