1930s 71K (round neck)

Back & Sides:
Lower Bout:
15 1/2"
Scale Length:
26 1/4"
Nut Width:
1 7/8"
Circa early to mid 30s Oahu 71K. Great full tone and ringing mids.  Neck was converted from square neck to round neck at some point in guitar's life. This guitar has been rebuilt by Dan Lambert to enhance its full potential while maintaining as much vintage originality as possible. This includes repairs/enhancements to the original ladder bracing, retaining original wood whenever possible for improved tone and structural integrity.  Reset neck.  Slightly radiused new rosewood fretboard.  New large frets.  New ebony bridge.  New ebony nut/bone saddle.  NOS bridge pins.  New carbon rod has been inserted into the freshly reset neck to enhance structural integrity for another 100 years of playing. Two repaired back cracks.  4.0" deep at end pin.  Original tuners.