Baxendale Conversions

1960s Harmony H167

Back & Sides:
Solid Birch
Solid Spruce  
Lower Bout:
Scale Length:
Nut Width:

1960s Harmony H167 transformed to a tone machine using Scott Baxendale and team's proprietary x-bracing method. Fully remanufactured to Baxendale Conversions specs including: original ladder bracing replaced with Baxendale Conversions' proprietary X bracing, neck reset, fingerboard replaned/radiused, new frets, new rosewood pin bridge, new maple bridge plate, new bone nut and new bone saddle, expert setup job, and other structural enhancements. Scott Baxendale and team create a "new" and warrantied guitar with tons of vintage vibe given the seasoned and, in most cases, solid tone woods the guitars were built with. True "green guitar tech" and “new vintage guitar” with Baxendale Conversions’ one and only often imitated but never duplicated World Class Tone!!  Comes with new gig bag or used chipboard case. One year warranty on workmanship.