Baxendale Conversions

1950s Silvertone H55

Back & Sides:
Lower Bout:
15 1/2"
Scale Length:
25 1/2"
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Circa mid 1950s Harmony made Silvertone H55 archtop transformed to a tone machine by remanufacturing to Baxendale Conversions specs. Rebuild work includes: neck reset and corrected bridge positioning, fretboard planed, new frets, new taller Gibson style rosewood bridge to obtain better driving of the guitar top, new bakelite pick guard, new Grover tuners, expert setup for superb playability.  Original Gibson P19 pickup.  Baxendale Conversions create a "new" and warrantied guitar with tons of vintage vibe and world class tone given the seasoned tone woods.  True "green guitar tech"! New hardshell case.