Oscar Schmidt

C. 1925 Oscar Schmidt Jumbo (Auditorium)

Back & Sides:
Lower Bout:
15 3/4”
Scale Length:
26 3/4"
Nut Width:
1 7/8”
Circa 1925 Stella jumbo (auditorium) sized model made by Oscar Schmidt. Oscar Schmidt auditorium sized six string guitars are exceedingly rare.  It also very rare find mahogany backed model as this one is.  The model also contains the desirable inlaid marquetry on the purfling, rosette and backstop found in the more desirable vintage Oscar Schmidt made models.  Mahogany neck with a soft "v" shaped profile. 
Brazilian rosewood headstock veneer.  Maple (replaced) fingerboard dyed black.  Replacement ebony bridge is ebony.  Replacement tuners. Repair history:  including an old "Wm. Rollman" label pasted inside and repairs at the Tom Crandall shop in NYC.  It appears Rollman repaired a long side crack through the upper bouts which includes cleats along the crack and two long screws that go through the neck block to secure the repair (the screw heads are hidden under wooden plugs, see photos).  Tom Crandall replaced the fretboard with a new maple board, new frets, inlaid an aluminum tube in the neck for stiffness, compensated the saddle for better intonation, filled some screw holes in the bridge, and filled some chipout in the bridge plate/brace.