Oscar Schmidt

Lyra Jumbo Long Scale

Back & Sides:
Lower Bout:
15 5/8"
Scale Length:
26 1/2"
Nut Width:
Circa 1920s Lyra branded auditorium (jumbo) long scale model made by Oscar Schmidt. Oscar Schmidt auditorium (jumbo) sized six string guitars are exceedingly rare. This is a rare oak backed model with a very interesting history.  The original owner of this guitar went on to play with, amongst others, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.  This is the guitar he learned on.  Characteristic of jumbo long scale Oscar Schmidts, this guitar has a huge booming presence and low end rumble and shines in dropped tunings.  The oak back/sides give it an extra punch and we absolutely love the punch combined with the the beautiful triningin upper mids/highs.  This guitar has been extensively rebuilt by Dan Lambert including repairs/enhancements to the original ladder bracing to enhance tone and structural integrity, retaining original wood whenever possible, new ebony fretboard with slight radius, new rosewood pyramid bridge, new neck from another jumbo Oscar Schmidt grafted onto original neck heel, new large frets, repaired top/back/side cracks, new spruce bridge plate with maple insert, new bone nut/bone saddle, NOS ebony bridge pins,  Also, a carbon rod has been inserted into the neck to enhance the structural integrity for another 100 years of playing.  15 5/8" lower bout.  11 3/4" upper bout.  9 3/8" waist.  4 1/4" deep at end pin.